Monday, April 11, 2011

Review of Phenphedrine by a real user

I’ve started taking Phenphedrine. I ordered directly from the company. My purpose in taking this was to workout longer and better during my workouts which last about 45 minutes to an hour. I tend to do high intensity workouts such as Turbofire and Cathe’s step workouts. Today I didn’t do any workout because of walking for hours the last 3 days touring Atlanta (needed the rest). So, today is the first day of taking the pills without exercising.

So far, I do feel the increased energy.. no jitters and my appetite is non-existent. One thing I did notice when I took my first pill was heartburn but it went away shortly after. I suspect perhaps I didn’t drink enough water when I took it(instructions say to drink 16oz). I took my second pill and experienced no heartburn sensation. I was careful to drink a lot of water in the process. This is working faster than I expected. The increased energy I knew would be immediate but my mood is better and my appetite has decreased. I did read reviews online that it does help elevate the mode and decrease appetite but I didn't expect it to work this quickly in these areas. 

I will workout tomorrow and see how I do. Usually with Turbofire I lose energy during the workout but push myself to finish. Will do another post and let everyone know how this supplement worked or didn’t work regarding energy during exercise. So far I feel good. I will also make weekly updates on the weight lost while using this pill.

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